A Regional Imperative: The Case for Regional Food Systems

This release of the report is a “discussion version.” Authors Kathryn Z. Ruhf and Kate Clancy welcome comments on this version pertaining to its treatment of race and racial equity in regional food systems. A final version will be released after a discussion team has integrated input into the report. 

Both the executive summary and full report are available; click on each cover to download the PDF.

 Executive summary cover       A Regional Imperative report

A message from the authors:

We are pleased to share our report with you. In January 2022, we presented at a webinar launching the report. Some concerns were expressed about the event and the report regarding the way we addressed race and racial equity during our presentation on regional food systems. We apologize for harm we unintentionally caused, and plan to address the report’s shortcomings. We embrace this opportunity to learn and dialogue with others toward improving the report and making it even more impactful.  
A discussion version of the report and executive summary are available here. We are gathering a diverse “Discussion Team,” and we welcome feedback and input that will be considered for inclusion in the final edition of our regional food systems report. As with many complex topics in these complicated times, everyone benefits from constructive critique.

In particular, we want to hear from all who have read the report and wish to share their suggestions about how social justice, race, and equity are treated in it, and especially from those most affected by what we have and have not written. We hope to inspire others to think about regional food systems from multiple perspectives and to share their insights.

Please be in touch by April 30, 2022.

Kathy Ruhf and Kate Clancy
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